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Multi Tenant SaaS Workflow

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Apr 21, 2014 8:00:10 PM



Multi Tenant SaaS Workflow Multi Tenant SaaS Workflow


Imagine that you have recently completed construction on a multi tenant, twenty unit apartment building.  While each unit has some distinctive details that set it apart from the others, at the core each unit is identical.  You purchased and installed twenty of the exact same stainless steel refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers, etc in order to simplify your building maintenance / service needs.   Continuing on with this apartment analogy one step further,  let us consider the buildings security or fire control systems.  These are stand alone systems that provide a set of specific services equally to each of the twenty apartment units.


Multi Tenant Workflow Apartment Multi Tenant Workflow Apartment


With that image in mind, let us now discuss how a single software application would service the individual needs of several different users or companies.   In this example we are imagining that these twenty apartments are comprised of different companies.    While each company has different needs, different information and user profiles the core software application that they are using is the same.    This type of software usage is referred to as Software as a Service or SaaS architecture or even multi tenant support.

With our apartment analogy we have twenty organizations served by one workflow piece of software.  In this case, each organization becomes a tenant.  cDevWorkflow Version 7.7 supports full multi tenant support.   Where separate application programming interface (API) are designed to serve Workflow definitions and instances that are specific to each tenant.  SaaS multi tenant workflow architecture ability to allow the software to service a number of clients using only one licensed copy is a very economical solution.   SaaS solutions are only limited by the hardware that they run on.

As we progress towards newer architectures, just like Software as a service (SaaS) or Platform as a service (PaaS) future versions of cDevWorkflow will start to offer BPM as a service (BaaS) or Workflow as a service (WaaS).

A small sampling of the Workflow Technology for BPM Solutions contained within our cDevWorkflow product offering can be found here: Workflow Technology That Works.

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