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Most Sales Productivity + Enablement Initiatives Fail - 1 Thing Makes the Difference

Posted by Harold Engstrom on Feb 20, 2018 1:17:22 PM

Sales productivity is a huge area of focus for businesses selling services and technologies.  The problem is the 8% of sales reps account for nearly all the revenue and companies want following good processes to make the other 92% of sales reps effective, too.  But 56% of sale enablement initiatives fail outright, with the rest falling short of goals.


The only way to accomplish the rigor, compliance, and success that sales productivity initiatives are aiming for…is to use automation.  Automation ensures that qualifying and marshaling opportunities through successful sales processes actually happens, that they happen efficiently, that answers to questions and all mandatory sales artifacts are captured in your CRM.  Automation also ensures that opportunities move consistently through the sales milestones you defined in your CRM - and makes your sales forecast based more on science than on hope or emotion.

Is a CRM an automation system itself?  Maybe a little bit…but not really.  A CRM has been anointed automation by some, but a CRM is really a database for capturing sales information and for reporting progress and status of opportunities.  It is incumbent on the user and his/her own initiative and organization and understanding to initiate and complete each action within a CRM.  What to do, how to do it, what to record, how to record it, whether to do anything at all, etc. are all highly variable - each user has their own approach.  A true workflow that integrates with and drives tasks  according to your defined process transforms variability to consistency.

True automation means driving your defined sales process using integrated workflow.  If you use our FlowWright application then you can ensure sales reps follow process, get tasks and complete them efficiently, and record the appropriate information every time.  With this approach, managers and executives see each opportunity’s progress down the workflow path, and the whole pipeline scientifically quantified and qualified. More importantly, managers and executives can spend their time coaching sales reps to more success with opportunities.  Sales reps themselves appreciate that much tedium and organizational effort required of them is lifted - giving them more time to sell.  

Through automation, sales enablement initiatives can now reliably achieve success.  CLICK HERE to learn more about you can drive productivity into your sales organization and increased revenue to your top line.

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