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Micro-Services through FlowWright

Posted by FlowWright on May 23, 2019 4:16:00 PM

FlowWright workflow-business process management platform offers several micro-services options for users to take advantage of.  Micro-services follow a clear separation of functionality that engages within the FlowWright user interface as follows:

Let's look at Workflow Management first, key modules of Workflow Management are:

  • Dashboards
  • Workflow Definitions
  • Workflow Instances
  • Tasks
  • Form Definitions
  • Form Instances
  • Business Intelligence
  • Reports

Above are components/modules of Business Process Management (BPM).  They are all supported by Workflow Configuration, where the building blocks of BPM are maintained and managed.  So, how does process automation handle Micro-services?

FlowWright comes with very powerful APIs, high performance .NET API and a REST API.  If you are in the Microsoft platform/technology stack, use the high performance .Net API to access all Micro-services provided by FlowWright.  So What are they?

  • Invoke a process and execute it based on a workflow definition
  • Complete a task(s) externally, perform approval/rejection through a service
  • Provide data to a form instanced used by a process
  • Push changes from a workflow definition to its executing workflow instances
  • Use run-time data from a processes for data analysis
  • Generate the execution view of the process

Above are just some of the examples of the Micro-service types offered by FlowWright through its Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).  APIs are powerful, and extend the product features even more so you can DO MORE.  Micro-services are becoming very important as business use-case needs arise.

FlowWright Micro services - where do you start?

Most organizations like to compartmentalize functionality into Micro services these days.  Processes built using FlowWright can orchestrate across many systems, utilizing many Micro services.  Even a complex employee on-boarding process utilizes Micro services,  FlowWright acts as THE go-to Micro services provider.  Learn how to utilize Micro services provided by FlowWright today.

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