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Knowledge Management Processes

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Jan 1, 2014 9:27:45 AM

Knowledge Management Processes Successful Knowledge Management Processes Fill The Year

Knowledge Management Processes for Localization and Connectivity with Oracle, MySQL and MSAccess databases.

cDevWorkflow 2013 Year End Message starts with the announcement that we are now at Version 7.4. At the beginning of this year, we released a major Version 6 with database connectivity to Oracle, MySQL, MSAccess.  After that, a host of updates to the Workflow designer.  We also implemented new algorithms to improve the performance of the processing and rendering engines.

On the customer end, we acquired many new customers, some international customers in Brazil, India and Italy.  We are always amazed at what our customers are automating using our product.  We are also learning and improving the product based on your feedback.  90% of the product enhancements that we performed were based on customer feedback.  We are always listening, so keep those comments/suggestions coming.

We are also seeing customer solutions that transition from other BPM products to cDevWorkflow.  Classic example of this was when one customer upgraded their Change Notice application, they removed Invensys Skelta and powered their Change Notice application using cDevWorkflow.  Always nice to see someone appreciating the advanced bpm features and the increase in performance that cDevWorkflow gives them in daily processing of Change Notices.  We love innovative and happy customers.

Knowledge Management Processes Workflow Localization Workflow Localization

Our international customer solutions have also amazed us, integrating the product into applications that use different languages like Italian, Portuguese, French, Spanish.

As we learn how our customers are using the product, we are also adding more and more international features to the product development plan.

As another customer solutions starts to power 90% of their cloud based human resources platform using cDevWorkflow, we are excited and wish them the very best.  Platforms such as these really push the limits of cDevWorkflow, we are also amazed at some of the Workflow Instances executing within this HR platform.

As the product has grown, the development team has also grown, bringing in some international talent to the team.  Our development plan is growing larger by the day, we hope to build some out of this world (next generation) features into the product in 2014.

We wish all a Happy holidays and a Happy new year.  All the very best for the New Year.

cDevWorkflow 2013 team

A small sampling of the Workflow Technology for BPM Solutions contained within our cDevWorkflow product offering can be found here: Workflow Technology That Works.

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Knowledge Management Processes Knowledge Management Processes Knowledge Management Processes Knowledge Management Processes

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