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IPO Workflow with IPO Model

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Nov 12, 2013 12:38:29 PM



IPO Workflow IPO Model IPO Workflow IPO Model


Input – Process – Output (IPO) is a very simple concept used when designing workflow processes.  Take any complex process and break it into small functional steps.  These functional steps then can be thought of steps with input and output. 

FlowWright's (formerly cDeveWorkflow) concepts are very aligned with the IPO Workflow process. 

Our process definition is made up of workflow steps and connections.  A step looks as follows:


IPO Workflow Step IPO Model IPO Workflow Step IPO Model


A workflow definition is made up steps and connections and looks as follows:


IPO Workflow Definition IPO Model IPO Workflow Definition IPO Model


IPO Workflow process takes a set of input into the step, processes that data and outputs the results from the execution.  In most workflow processes, there are 2 kinds of steps, user-interactive and non-user-interactive steps.  Most non-user-interactive steps take input, process and output.  Most user-interactive steps will get input from 2 ways, either from the process itself or from a user interface such as a task step.

You can read more about the Input-Process-Output at:


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