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IoT driven using FlowWright

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Oct 7, 2018 10:03:00 AM

Recently Sawtooth Automation decided to upgrade their offering by integrating FlowWright into their solution.  Sawtooth automates the production of dairy farm feed for feeding cows.  Dairy farm feed consists of many types of liquids, hay and vitamin supplements.  Making feed is like baking a cake, you have a recipe and the recipe is executed using a combination of hardware and software.  Just as you would bake a cake, ingredient quantities change based on number of people you are making the cake for.

In the Sawtooth case, hardware such as a Universal Distributed Controller (UDC), as shown below is used to control equipment such as pumps, motors, valves and etc.


How does FlowWright play a role in all this? FlowWright was integrated to drive the recipe execution process; for example, let's say the recipe ingredients are as shown below:

  • 20 Hay bales
  • 35 liters of Whey
  • 24 liters of Molasses

Taking the above recipe, it contains liquid and solid ingredients.  FlowWright workflow process is able to send specific commands to the UDC over the air (over 20 mile range using radio frequencies) to intern have the UDC turn on pumps to pump liquids and also to monitor amount pumped using flow meters so that pump can be turned off when the recipe amount is pumped. 

Based on different type of material, different sub-workflows are utilized to perform these actions, below workflow describes the overall process for processing a recipe.

From a user experience perspective, a dairy farmer will not interact with the workflow directly or even see the underlying workflow that drives the process.  Dairy framer performs all required functions using a user friendly touch screen UI that look as follows:


The overall setup for this operation looks as follows:


FlowWright workflow is able to control hardware devices over the air, or through the internet.  As we see IoT advance, we see more and more customers using process automation to control hardware devices.

 To learn more about how Sawtooth can impact your Dairy Farm needs CLICK HERE. 

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