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If you are still waiting for data, then FlowWright can help you...

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jun 7, 2019 7:20:00 AM

One of our customers once came to us with a specific problem, "we are a data company but it takes a long time to get our data shared to our users".  So what's the issue here? Given data security needs today organizations should have several checks and balances to get data into their own employees hands today.  You never know who's going to get their hands on to your data, with the stories in the news highlighting hacking crisis' out there with companies such as Facebook, EquiFax, TJX Companies that have all had huge data breaches.  These data breaches not only are a cost to the organizations, but also get passed to consumers and ruin their brand trust experience as they possibly have their identity information stolen and misused.  

Many organizations today are implementing digital processes around access to their data.  Depending on the data been requested by an employee within the organization, the digital workflow process will perform a set checks and balances before that data gets passed to the hands of the employee. 

iStock-672470318If an employee is looking for summarized data, such as demographics the digital processes, that process might be simpler than having access to more secure data such as customer's personal information such as phone number, DOB or even social security numbers.


Most public facing websites go through a workflow process when a customer changes their address on their online account.  Why? Organization want to make sure it's actually you who changed the information. That is called information security/data security.  Our tool allows for users to create automated workflow processes that will perform all the necessary check points to make sure it's you who changed your address/phone, etc.

In most organizations today, because of data security and having no automated digital business processes, their teams have seen delays in having access to required data.  This happens especially for data analysts, financial analysts, this is a huge problem.  They need access to data immediately, so that they can do their job.  Unfortunately given the world we live in, access to data comes at a price because of data breaches. 

We have seen a huge trend with our newer users and customers, where many are implementing digital processes using FlowWright to handle data security; mainly to access their data within the organization.  This is a huge benefit because the automated process captures so much information that you will always get a digital audit from FlowWright.  Do you know how your data is accessed within your organization today? If not, let's talk! 

As grandma used to say: "It's better to be safe than sorry...." Come talk to use today and learn how to implement digital processes to protect the security your data within your organization.

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