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How we changed the world for the better in 2018 using FlowWright workflow automation.....

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Dec 24, 2018 8:50:11 AM

We get this question all time from our customers and prospects:  "How is FlowWright being used around the world?" Different customers, different industries use workflow in many ways. We summarize some practical use cases here:

  • You visit your doctor because you have an infection, right after the doctor visit, you drive to the pharmacy and pick up your medication instead of waiting days to fill your prescription.  How is that possible? Today 50+ pharmacies process your prescriptions using FlowWright software, in each day one single pharmacy may process between 5,000-20,000 prescriptions a day that is almost ~700,000 prescriptions a day processed by FlowWright workflow.
  • The largest auto manufacturer in the world uses FlowWright to perform their cut-over projects with SAP. This includes the ability to notify and shutdown their manufacturing plants around the world so that they can stop production and migrate/upgrade their systems.  These migrations/upgrades are done within a very short window of time with tasks being routed around the world at very small time intervals.  FlowWright is able to aggregate real-time data to show the progress of these cut-over projects.
  • A capitol management company employees a lot of people and is always hiring, these employees need to be sent offer letters, background checks, verifications, IT supplies, accounts on systems and more. This is a huge onboarding process.  Workflow automates the entire onboarding process with one single click.  This organization also has implemented workflow to aid in their automated document processing and generation for their vendors, such as NDA documents, disclosures, partnership agreements and more.
  • A higher ed school uses workflow to make sure their schools are diversified.  Diversification brings many advantages to the school system and makes sure that their schools are successful in creating better students for the future.
  • A famous US based online retailer uses workflow to automate their purchase order processing.  FlowWright ensures these purchase orders are validated, routed for approval and paid in time.  This ensures their suppliers are happy.
  • Law firms across the U.K and Europe use workflow to manage their conveyancing processes when properties are transfered or bought.  Workflow identifies and routes forms to different approvers makes the process efficient and give traceability and accountability.
  • A medical device company that used to process change notices manually at only ~500/month implemented workflow and now can process ~5000+ a month by using automated change notice processing using workflow within the FlowWright platform.  Why are these change notices important to process them? They are changes to medical devices, where these medical devices are used by patients.
  •  We all want to get to places quicker on the road, but there is traffic.  Traffic is a global issue, you will find traffic in almost every country today. There are more vehicles on the road than 20 years ago.  An Italian company uses FlowWright to manage traffic via workflow integrated with their traffic system that is designed to control and respond to traffic scenarios.  One of the first implementations using FlowWright will be deployed for the Sydney airport in 2019.
  • One of the largest supply chain management companies (200k+ vendors) in the country use workflow to manage the supply chain process for their customers.  Workflow automates the processing of sending updated legal documents, requesting vendors to review and approve legal documents and questionnaires, and also processes analyzing the risk of vendors.

The above are just some of the best examples how FlowWright Workflow is changing the world for the better.  Automation provides efficiency, accountability, stability, performance and scalability in any environment.  We look forward to the new year and helping more businesses achieve optimal results via workflow automation. 

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