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How to grow your startup with workflow automation

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jan 29, 2019 12:31:15 PM

You are small company and you are good at what you do with the processes you have in place.  It's normal for most start-ups to "boot strap" it until they can expand. As companies scale, they need more support and hiring the right people becomes an important task to preserve the culture of the company. So, how can you get through these early growth phases when you can't do everything 24 hours a day? We explain below....


You "Automate!"

Why? Let's say your company produces nuts and bolts.  Today you have 3 employees, and able to handle the business.  But as all businesses grow with more customers, you eventually get that large deal, a  deal that you've been waiting for, and now you need:

  • Implement a process to produce the largest order ever recieved
  • Have to get the order shipped within 1 month
  • Need to process purchase order(s) from suppliers
  • Need to manage the payments, money trail
  • Need to hire 10 people and 1 to manage employees
  • Need to manage all the ongoing paper work as re-orders come in

That is a lot of things to do in a short time and if companies don't make the right changes, the business operations can and will suffer. This is where an automation software tool, like FlowWright, comes into place  to automate your processes.  Workflow will ensure:

  • The process is being followed,  reducing many of the errors
  • An auditable trail of all the work done, who did what and when
  • A real-time view into where things are in the process, graphically
  • Can measure how people are performing against the workflow
  • Makes your processes efficient over time
  • Offer data to measure and optimize
  • Paperwork and paper chasing is reduced and/or eliminated
  • Improves visibility into the organization and it's core processes
  • Decision making done by people, now performed digitally by the automated process

There are many more benefits/use cases that your team will see when implementing workflow automation to the process.  The benefits are tremendous, and the ROIs from automation are pretty significant in a short time frame. 

Do you want to experience the benefits of workflow in your company? Let's Talk!

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