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How Innovation Happens at FlowWright

Posted by FlowWright on May 14, 2019 12:48:08 PM

Our company is all about innovation, right from the conception.  Our main goal has always been for FlowWright to achieve the following:

  1. Build a Workflow-BPM product where it has features that other competitor products don't have 
  2. Build a product that is extremely simple to use yet includes very powerful features
  3. Build a product where its features are customer driven

The list above represents our main principles of software development that are being used to build our platform.  No matter what department you are in: from marketing to sales to business analysts to architects to developers to QA, we all participate in the innovation of the product.

FlowWright innovation

FlowWright offers users functional features that other vendor products don't have.    We do this because we want to innovate the tool vs simply building what is already out there.  We focus on build features/technology where other products cannot; to give you a hint, how about "Dynamic sub-workflow".   Dynamic sub-workflow is a very powerful feature, yet many product don't have the capacity to offer it.  In  our recently released version v9.5 many new enhancements can be reviewed in the version history for a complete list of new features. 

Our workflow design user interface is extremely simple to use.  FlowWright is all about simplicity.   Our graphics designers are working on more modern, device optimized, reduced clicks user interface-stay tuned for that release later this year.  Currently, the FlowWright user interface is divided into Workflow Management and Workflow Configuration, having a  clear separation between building processes and configuration that is required to build processes.  In the future, this separation will be more granular to make the user interface more simpler.

Our smart customers  are always pushing the product to the edge, testing its limits. We are glad they are doing that, because that is helping us to move the product forward with many new features that help not only our current, but our future customers too.    As we develop new features in every new version, we also improve some of the existing features.  Hint:  You will see in the next version of FlowWright, a new web based report designer for building graphical reports.  Development teams is also working on some more exciting new features.  One of the new features will be Process Simulation, but we can guarantee it will not be process simulation like you see in every other workflow-bpm products, it will be quite different and useful in many ways.  We are taking the time to innovate and building the next generation features into the product.  We are also not putting any features into the product without validating with our customers. 

As we get to visit our customers around the globe, it always amazes us what our customers are automating using our FlowWright product.  Its built for your imagination, not ours, so we are always excited to see what you build within FlowWright.  Innovation is not cheap, it comes at a price, we are constantly upgrading algorithms, components, technologies within the product, based off what we feel is the best for our product.  As our customer say, "FlowWright out runs and out performs every workflow/bpm product on the market".   

Business man pointing the text Add Value

Innovation is all about ideas, then making those ideas come to life.  Some of the ideas for FlowWright have come from variety of places: some from nature, some from talented engineers, also some from not so talented visionaries.  As, I said before, everyone at FlowWright helps with innovation of the product.  Our product team faces many challenges daily when building some of these innovative features, but we are moving forward breaking the barriers to innovate, but also having some fun on the way.  We always open for ideas, and keep those innovative ideas coming.

Keep those innovative ideas coming, we'll build them into the productAnother part of innovation is collaboration, we collaborate with internal and external industry experts on workflow/bpm trends and features.   There are many super star market researchers for the workflow-bpm field, they do a great job defining the future of the domain, and we are also leading the future with FlowWright.  As we make more and more investment in moving the product forward, we expect to put many new features into the product that add value to our customers. Contact us today to learn more about FlowWright.


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