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How FlowWright powers the Microsoft .Net workflow market

Posted by FlowWright on Apr 30, 2019 11:13:00 AM

There are many organizations that are built on or using the Microsoft stack of technologies and they typically use products such as .net, SQL Server, Microsoft Internet Information Server and many other technologies from Microsoft family. Why is this important? 

 .net workflow flowwright automation

FlowWright is completely built using Microsoft .Net technologies from ground up.  FlowWright does not use "Windows Workflow".  Many customers who are in the Microsoft technology platform use FlowWright to power their workflow services within their applications because this process offers flexibility for teams.

Today workflow tools drive many of the top applications around the globe, why is this? When making changes to processes you can do it much cheaper and faster using workflow technology, and deploy with less errors.  Code changes will cost you time, money and lead to more issues when the next time to scale comes around.   We live in the world today where change happens daily, to keep up with these changes you need .net workflow.

There are not too many players in the Microsoft .net workflow space, based on customer feedback FlowWright is at the top of the list.  Our team has 25+ years of experience in large process automation development that we pack into a single product with a very cost effective price point. 

FlowWright not only combines its power of workflow, but also pushes .net framework to the outer limits to gain its high performance.  Everybody can say they process workflow, but not everyone does .net workflow.

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