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How FlowWright Ensures You Succeed with Workflow

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on May 6, 2020 8:53:24 AM

FlowWright has terrific customers and if you are not yet one of our customers, we hope soon you will be.  We are here to help and are dedicated to ensuring your success with FlowWright: when you are successful then we are successful!

You want FlowWright to solve process problems and to automate processes so as to become an efficient organization that operates at a higher level of availability and quality while freeing up human resources to do higher valued added work.

Our promise to you is this: we will take care of you before you become a customer and  after you become a customer.  We value our customer-vendor relationship and want customers to succeed - even to help us push the product beyond our current vision.   As you automate your processes and integrate your business, we will be there to support you and prioritize your needs.

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So how do we make sure you are successful?

Before you become a customer, we provide product demos to you and your team, including demos that showcase specific functionality that you and your team are interested in.  And, if needed, we will help you create a proof of concept in order to burn down those areas of risk that you are concerned with and give you the confidence you need to tackle your business priorities with FlowWright.  Our team is here for you from the start.

FlowWright customer supportIf you have questions, technical or otherwise, we are here to help.  Post your questions in our support ticket system and they will be answered as soon as possible by our support and development team. You can also search for solutions/answers within our knowledgebase, which includes how-to videos.

We have plenty of help for you - from documentation to code examples.  All developer-related technical information and documentation resides on our developer site: https://dev.FlowWright.com

 Help and documentation are built into the FlowWright Configuration Manager user interface, too. The following documentation is provided within FlowWright itself:

  • Configuration manager documentation
  • API documentation
  • Getting started with the API
  • REST API documentation including a test UI
  • Complete walkthrough examples on how to extend FlowWright by developing custom components

FlowWright nuget packageTo make it easy to work with the FlowWright API, we provide a NuGet package for FlowWright.  Just add the NuGet package right from Microsoft Visual Studio and start developing.  Our APIs are very powerful but easy to use, and most common functionality can be performed using 3 lines of code.

FlowWright onsite trainingFour days of on-site training is performed for all customers.  Training sessions can be also focused around specific areas, such as extending FlowWright, integration, APIs, specific business process automation areas of interest, etc.  Training sessions can be also focused around integrating FlowWright directly into your application.

Basic support is provided through our customer support portal.  If you have purchased premium support, once you log the issue to our customer support portal, our support staff will get in touch with you ASAP to resolve the issue - usually by troubleshooting one-on-one during a web conference.

If you or your team have any issues, call us, email us or log issues to your support ticket system. All support tickets are handled by onshore and offshore support staff.  FlowWright has a global presence and our teams are ready to help no matter where you are. 

Our customers' experiences and needs are critical to providing FlowWright with focus and direction: you tell us what we need prioritize.   We want your ideas and feedback and appreciate your sharing them - thanks!  Our customers push us to keep FlowWright the number one business process automation software on the market - we need you and we exist to make you successful!

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