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How Do 500k+ Prescriptions Get Processed Each Day?

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Aug 30, 2018 3:07:00 PM

You see your doctor, and the doctor says you have high cholesterol and need medication.  The doctor's office sends off your prescription for cholesterol medication to the pharmacy.  You get a call from the Pharmacy and the medication is ready to be picked up.  This process used to be a couple of days, but now with workflow technology you can pick it up in less than an hour. 

You might ask how is this possible? Well, thanks to FlowWright technology, there is no more waiting... 


One of our partners, incorporates FlowWright's workflow/bpm software into their platform for processing prescriptions to execute the example above thousands of times per day.  The process works like this: Incoming prescriptions, which come through electronic fax (still), gets processed using FlowWright workflows.  When a fax, arrives, the workflow picks it up (using the FlowWright file system triggers), then the workflow performs activities such as OCR - Optical Character Recognition- to identify information within the prescription.  If there is information that cannot be recognized, then the prescription is routed for user review, otherwise the prescription is fully processed using the workflow and then is ready for pickup.

500k+ prescriptions a day is broken down to 40 pharmacies around the country processing 5k to 15k prescriptions a day. When this process was done manually, it was only able to full-fill 500-600 prescriptions per day.  Now they are more than 10x faster, and fully audit compliant with workflow time stamping every encounter. 

Do you see the value in workflow for everyday processes?

  • less human interaction means
  • less errors resulting in
  • your prescriptions are ready in minutes, not hours or days

Let FlowWright workflow technology help your processes by automating.  Leave the complexity and processing to us. Book a customized demo today.

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Topics: compliance workflow, workflow validation