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v9.4 Globals Have Arrived + Are Here to Stay!

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Apr 10, 2018 2:42:00 PM

Many customers have been asking for Globals, and we have delivered in our latest release.  Just like Variables, Globals can be used to store values.  FlowWright variables get tracked within every execution iteration of a step, this is good and bad.  Good, that you can track the value of a variable throughout every execution, bad, that it increases the size of the Workflow Instance, increased size can also reduce the performance due to requiring very large amount of memory. 

So Globals will solve the problem, you can change a Global's value as many times as you want, but only a single value is tracked.  Globals are defined and function same was as variables within FlowWright.  You can define Globals right from the Workflow designer:

Once you define Globals, you can use the "Update Globals" step to update the value of a single Global or many Globals-you decide!

Globals can be used within any expression evaluation, any decision, or where every you need to store values.  If your Workflow Instances are growing in size because of heavy processing in each day, there are many ways to trim the fat, you can use "single iteration" feature, but now you can trim the fat by using Globals.

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