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cDevWorkflow Version 8.1 – What is New?

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jan 9, 2015 7:56:35 AM


Workflow Form Designer
Use simple drag-and-drop to efficiently build dynamic forms with our HTML5 graphic designer!

cDevWorkflow New Features:

  • Dynamic Form definitions – Define and manage forms with our new web-based form designer! Build responsive, mobile friendly forms, too!
  • Dynamic Form Instances – create form instances for displaying and routing information within workflows
  • Form Steps – Drag and drop workflow steps for routing forms, getting/setting form field values, moving data between forms, instantiate forms instances (and more) make automating forms processes a cinch!
  • Sub-Forms – Now you can use embedded forms or grid data within the parent forms!
  • Detail Data Rows – Use sub-forms as grids to enter multiple rows of data within a dynamic form
  • Form Field Visibility – Control what form fields are displayed or hidden based on field values and conditions
  • Archiving: archiving form instances is supported!
  • Data and Reporting – Data tables are automatically updated with information workflow instances data and immediately available for reporting purposes!
  • Smart Field Values – Define database connections and Web-service based connections to populate form fields!
  • Lookups – Define and use drop down lists or data tables!
  • Validation – steps and data types are automated validated!
  • Workflow Step Documentation – steps are fully documented, including examples on how to use each step!
  • Workflow Roles – Define system wide and application specific user roles. Application roles are definable at both administer and user levels.


Web-based Form Designer

Use our intuitive drag & drop HTML5 form designer to efficiently build forms with desired functionality:



Web-based Form Designer Web-based Form Designer



Workflow Form Steps

Use these powerful Form Steps within your workflow processes to perform desired actions:


Form Designer Workflow Form Steps Workflow Form Steps



Form Designer Workflow Definition Using Form Steps Workflow Definition Using Form Steps


Workflow Step and Data Type Validation

cDevWorkflow now comes with automated step and data type validation. Just render the page and each row will display a validation marker to show the validation status of that step or data type.


Form Designer Workflow Step and Data Type Validation Workflow Step and Data Type Validation


Step Documentation

Access step documentation from both the configuration level and at step property level. Step documentation gives detail information about the step and an example workflow on how to use the step:



Form Designer Step Documentation Step Documentation


Workflow Roles

The Configuration Manager User Interface uses a check box graphic tool to easily display both System and Application user roles. System roles define what functions users can perform within the Configuration Manager. Application roles are definable at administration level for custom application that require application role functionality.


Form Designer Workflow Roles Workflow Roles



A small sampling of the Workflow Technology for BPM Solutions contained within our cDevWorkflow product offering can be found here: Workflow Technology That Works.

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