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FlowWright's HTML5 Workflow Designer Improvements

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jul 31, 2018 12:26:49 PM

FlowWright's workflow designer has gone through many phases of improvement over the years.  Our customers are always hungry for new functionality and improvements, and we are glad to provide them with each new version/revision of our software.

when an opp is created workflow kicks off april 2018

FlowWright's workflow designer is made to make your life easier, its made for non programmers to build simple to complex workflow processes.  The concept of graphical icons represents what steps are and simple inputs for each step identifies whats required to configure, but also the design validation is performed automatically to indicate any design issues with the process.

FlowWright designer was built using many graph libraries, although we have upgraded these libraries over the years, its time to completely upgrade our designer.  Our development team is working on a really cool, next generation workflow designer, where our customers can really push the workflow designer to its limits.   The goal of the new workflow designer is to provide current functionality but also to provide some new functionality that many other BPM/Workflow products cannot do.  Most of this is possible through smart customers that we have acquired over the years, they are always pushing the envelope, and moving the product forward.

As with any designer, older browsers such as IE11 uses SVG drawing elements, but modern browsers use HTML5 elements to draw and render diagrams.  Our designer is unique, we use a HTML5/SVG based client side library but also a complete graphics engine that was built ground up, so that our customers can generate the same workflow diagrams using the .Net API or the REST API.

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