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FlowWright v9.6 sending emails using Twilio SendGrid service

Posted by FlowWright on Sep 23, 2019 7:26:00 AM

Sendgrid is a Twilio product used to send emails in volume.  FlowWright v9.6 introduces a new email workflow step for sending emails using the SendGrid service.

Sending emails through the SendGrid service requires a paid subscription.  Once a subscription is activated then configure FlowWright settings with your subscription information.  Then, navigate to "Status->Settings->Configuration":

Twilio SendGrid API key configuration

The only configuration information required is the "SendGrid API Key".  Once this is configured, the SendGrid email step is ready to be used. Open a workflow definition within the workflow designer and start building a workflow using the SendGrid email step:

Sending emails with the Twilio SendGrid email step

A SendGrid email step has the exact same properties as the email step.  Emails sent through this step are sent through SendGrid APIs to their email servers.  If you want to see related email statistics, customers should log-in to the SendGrid online service.

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