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FlowWright v8.8 Brings Workflow Designer Upgrades

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Mar 31, 2016 8:30:13 PM


FlowWright Version 8.8 includes several upgrades to the Workflow Designer.    Most of these upgrades are based on feedback from our customers. Thanks for your input!



Workflow DesignerNew Designer ToolboxWorkflow Designer

The toolbox has been reskinned to order the steps by step category and include step display names. A new Search feature has been added under “All Steps” to enable searching for toolbox items by keyword. 

And, we have added new step categories for “My Template Steps” and “All Template Steps” (described below). 

Designer Toolbar

The main toolbar has been reorganized so that its icons can be rendered at smaller resolutions.

Workflow Designer

Design Statistics

Now, by default, when the Workflow designer opens up, a statistics page is rendered giving information about the current workflow definition. The Statistics page can be also rendered clicking the “Statistics” toolbar button.

Workflow Designer


Workflow Designer


Template Steps

The new Template Step feature lets you select steps from the design canvas and save them as templates. These template steps have their property values stored within them.

 Workflow Designer

To reuse one, just drag and drop it from the toolbox to the canvas and the properties of the step will be automatically filled in. 

Workflow Designer

Required Properties

All required properties of a step now have a red border on the left side of the text box or button. This indicates that the field value must be provided, otherwise validation fails and error messages are displayed to the user.

 Design Validation

The Validate function within the designer now validates additional areas of the design, including checking for undefined variables and for required step properties missing values.

Workflow Designer



These are highlights of the upgrades made to the workflow designer in FlowWright v8.8. Keep those enhancement ideas coming!

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