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v9.3.0.2  FlowWright UI | Control What Menus Users View

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Nov 7, 2017 11:26:53 AM

FlowWright Configuration Managers user interface changes based on the type of user (Admin or regular user). Admin have access to everything, regular users only have access to Workflow Management, not the full Configuration settings. With this feature now you can control the Workflow Management menus for regular users.

In FlowWright, navigate to the settings menu and select "UI Control".


Use the above UI to control what the regular user views, if "Forms" are not being used by your users, just turn it off and the menu entry will not be displayed on the menu.

Custom UI injection to FlowWright

Want to display a custom UI (menu) within FlowWright?  Now you can. You can inject your custom menu into the FlowWright menu using a very simple step. Build a "customMenu.xml" file and place it in the main FlowWright directory and the menu will be injected and displayed. Here's what a sample "customMenu.xml" file looks like.


<menuGroup name="BOSCH" view="admin" displayAfter="Status" icon="boschLogo.png" >

<menu name="Regions &amp; Plants" url="BOSCHRegionsPlants.aspx" view="all" icon="boschLogo.png" />

<menu name="Groups" url="BOSCHGroups.aspx" view="all" icon="boschLogo.png" />

<menu name="Modules" url="BOSCHModules.aspx" view="all" icon="boschLogo.png" />




Control what steps regular users can use on the workflow designer

FlowWright's workflow designer toolbox grows by many new steps with each new version. Administrative users have access to all of these custom steps, but you might want to display only certain steps to regular users. This can be easily done using the status menu with configuration settings on what to show Regular users.


As you can see in the above graphic, regular user can view and use most steps but not the "File System" steps. FlowWright provides many configuration settings for turning on/off features, UI controls and many more. 

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