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FlowWright – powered by cDevWorkflow v9.3

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Aug 17, 2017 9:32:00 AM

v9.3 had many upgrades/enhancements critical to the product.  All are documented within this read me file.  This blog will discuss in depth some of the new enhancements made to the product.

BPM for Customers-897995-edited.png

UI library within the workflow designer is upgraded to increase performance and to handle more complex UI operations including the ability to copy and paste workflow step and connections from one workflow definition to another.  The designer UI library also give better support for step/connection manipulation and also standard keyboard shortcuts. 

Another enhancement was to workflow tasks; tasks have more control over expiration, including for the choice task.  Using business intelligence, FlowWright can now predict when tasks will start and complete for a given workflow definition. 

Product v9.3 Release CLICK HERE 

Business intelligence is also able to display planned, actual and projected start and end task timings for workflow instances.  With the new version, workflow definitions can be grouped and organized into folders.  Based on the workflow definition folders, workflow instances can be automatically grouped within folders based on the definition folder structure.  

As mentioned earlier, v9.3 build on many of the v9.2 new features.  Not sure how BPM can help your business? Schedule a FREE Business Process Management Analysis HERE!

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