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FlowWright – powered by cDevWorkflow v9.2

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jul 27, 2017 11:13:00 AM

v9.2 had many upgrades/enhancements to the product.  All are documented within the read me file.  This blog will discuss in depth some of the new enhancements made to the product.

First is the Forms designer, the Forms designer got a major upgrade, where we wrote from ground up to support Form Widgets.  Before, the Forms designer was only able to use standard UI controls that we provided, but now is able to use our Form Widgets, but also build your own Form Widgets and use within the Forms designer.

A new section within the menu is created to manage all Form Widgets:

Product ships with 15 standard Form widgets, and additional 15 more widgets, as new versions of the product is released, new Form widgets will be also released in future versions.

Form widgets can be dragged from the Form designer toolbox and placed on the form.  Below graphic shows the "Address" form widget on the form.

The Form widget itself has properties, but also properties for each individual controls within the form widget can be also manipulated.  If we don't provide a Form widget you can write your own.  under the "Help" section we provide 3 examples on how to write a Form widget.

The new version also introduced a new "Statistics" service that collects various configuration and run time statistics.  These statistics are used to display how steps perform within a Workflow definition or instance.

When a Workflow definition or instance is rendered, hovering over a step will display statistics for that step:

Engine performance counters - Both the Engine and ESB services now support Windows performance counters.  Both of these services launch child processes to process workflow instances and events, Windows performance counters can utilized to view what child processes are performing work for each of the services.

Once selected, start the engine services and watch the counters and view how the engines are performing.


Web hooks - Web hooks are becoming more and more common in web applications. Instead of polling for events, web hooks let you push events and event data when these events trigger.  v9.2 fully supports web hooks on ESB events.  In previous versions of the product, an Event handler must exist in order to process the ESB event, with the new version, a web hook can be configured against the event.  When the event occurs, the event and its parameter data are pushed to the web hook.  Web hooks can be configured for any event using the following UI:



New Workflow step - as with each new release, we have added more and more new Workflow steps to the collection of steps that we ship with the product.  v9.2 includes the following new steps:

  • Azure steps - send messages to Azure message hub and service bus
  • Slack steps - send messages and files to slack channels
  • Twillio step - send SMS messages to mobile devices using this step
  • Logging steps - log error, information & warning messages to the System log
  • Email step - email step now supports file attachments

NuGet package

NuGet is a very common package manager built into Microsoft Visual Studio.  Its a commonly used tool within any .Net project today with MS Visual Studio.  NuGet packages help resolve what reference libraries are required in order to program against a product/API.  By using the cDevWorkflow NuGet package within MS Visual Studio, Visual Studio automatically downloads the package and references all necessary DLL files for coding against the API.  NuGet package can be found here: https://www.nuget.org/packages/cDevWorkflowAPI

NuGet package can be also searched and added right from MS Visual Studio using the package manager:


As mentioned earlier, v9.2 packs a lot of new features.  We will discuss these features in a future blog.  Also refer to the read me doc to find out what v9.2 includes.

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