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Every Organization is Now a Technology Company

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Mar 5, 2020 9:15:00 AM

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As the world has evolved, every organization today is a technology company.  A flower shop today is not your flower shop from 30 years ago.  Flower shops advertise using digital media and take orders online.  These requests are managed by internal systems or cloud-based systems with automated processes.

This technology evolution is due to advances in communications - especially with the cell phone.  In the old days, fishermen used to go out early morning, catch their fish for the day, bring back and try to sell them at the market.  As the day got old, the fish got old and the price dropped.  But today, fishermen still go out early morning, but by the time they return back to the shore all the deals are already done.  They land at shore, empty their catch, exchange currency and go home.

Thanks to technology,  business processes have evolved and people's lives have changed.  Supermarkets are flooded with technology with all systems being integrated with each other.  The point of sale system (POS) is connected to cash registers, inventory and accounting systems.  POS notifies the inventory system when each type of inventory runs low in count, and the accounting system is able to tally gross sales for the day and the cash registers are able to perform transactions through the POS system.  Certain retailers like Amazon shops manage everything with tracking and moving technologies, without having any human interactions with tremendous savings achieved.

We used to print boarding passes for travel, but now boarding passes are on your mobile phone.  Scanning a barcode from your phone brings up the information much quicker and is auto verified. 

Technology plays a key role in any organization today, and if you don’t keep up with technology, you fall behind - you cannot scale and cannot increase revenue.  So what do all these organizational technologies have in common? They are all about data and processes.

Going back to the flower shop example, when an online order is taken, data is collected and then process automation performs validation, payment, routing and notification.  Instant reporting from data, for example, number of orders for the day, gross revenue for the day/month, is produced.  And process data will tell you orders by status, how long each order takes to fulfill.  All these organizations are driven by workflow-based processes.

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