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End of the Year Message from FlowWright's CTO

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Dec 27, 2018 2:09:00 PM

2018 was a fantastic year for FlowWright and our customers.  Our customers around the globe automated many processes using our workflow technology and became very efficient in what they do.  We saw some amazing uses for our product, and continue to push the boundaries of workflow automation to ensure whatever needs arise-our software can handle.  Outside of automation of processes, the product was used in large scale Cutover projects, supply chain automation, workflow controlling IoT, and many more unique uses in different domains throughout the world.

v9.4.2 was released mid-year, and the team has been busy with v9.5, beta versions ever since that launch. Beta v9.5 was delivered to our VIP customers around the globe a few months ago and is set to be released in January 2019, final touches are being done currently.  v9.5 of FlowWright added over 100+ enhancements to the product.  Since we follow customer-based development, enhancements are driven by what our customers want.  You’ve asked and we are delivering

In addition to the above enhancements, our product team also improved many existing features within the product.  Your feedback is always important to us, so keep those constructive criticism points and use case ideas coming.  We also invested in many technology upgrades, component upgrades to the product.  Some of the new features include triggers, decision tables, many new steps, new form UI controls, enhancements to tasks and many more.  One of the biggest technology enhancements was to the workflow designer.  The workflow designer was rebuilt to use a new graph library that lets users enhance the designer with many new advanced features such as auto layout of workflow processes. 

We are also focusing on an automated testing platform based on FlowWright and Selenium.  Once we release v9.5 in January, the product team will be focusing on v9.5.x product features, that are mostly comprised of what you have requested as enhancements to the product.

This was an amazing year on the sales side as well, gaining many new customers from different domains around the globe.  It's amazing what our customers are building and how they are using the product to accomplish.  The new year is already off to a strong start and we look forward to adding many more happy customers to our community. 

Finally, to all our customers, THANK YOU for being trusting us as your business solution and thank you for using the product and pushing it forward. The best compliment we get is in the form a referral, so thank you for spreading the word about FlowWright.  It's a pleasure to serve all our customers and the team has enjoyed building a such an amazing product.

Wish you all happy holidays and see you in 2019……

Dileepa Wijayanayake (CTO) + FlowWright Team

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