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DPA - Digital Process Automation...

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jan 6, 2019 3:08:00 PM

There was a new buzzword "DPA" (digital process automation) in the automation industry.  Have you been hearing it? In the technology sectors we tend to go through buzzwords quickly, and the reason for that is innovation.  Building technology to solve real-world problems is the name of the game now.

We have see many other "buzz words" over the years such as dotcom, portal buzz and others that are now retired, but always new ones are emerging within the technology industry.  So what's DPA? DPA is about:

  • Very customer centric focused
  • End to end process automation
  • Using a low or no code solution

DPA is focused around the 3 above points where when using automation to automate a customer's manual process, it becomes very customer centric.  What that means is, letting customers do their process according to how they do it, not according to what the technology says how to do it.  FlowWright was built around these 3 principles, we show an open box in the main login screen for that.  We want customers to execute processes in your way, not just our way in the technology.  Most workflow products on the market wants you to do it their way,  within their closed box of technology, but our platform is open by design. 

DPA also enforces end-end process automation where processes are orchestrated across multiple systems.  This is true with many of our customers, most of the processes they automate run across many systems, and this is very easily achieved using custom steps or FlowWright's Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Using low code, no code.  I can tell you from experience there's no such thing as no-code when it comes to technology, low code yes.  As with FlowWright or many other products on the market, depending on what you are trying to automate, some process might not need any coding and can be fully automated out of the box.  As with anything, some processes might need some level of custom code to automate. 

Our team hasn't thought of every scenario or functionality that needs to go into a workflow product, but we do have smart customers and a long term product development plan.  FlowWright is improving each and every day and we are delivering enhancements that our customers want.  DPA is buzzword, but we are happy to help you navigate through bringing your company up to speed. 

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