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Distributed workflow processing using FlowWright

Posted by FlowWright on May 25, 2019 2:47:00 PM

FlowWright supports many infrastructure configurations with out of the box and a little bit of configuration.  The simplest form being an application server and a database server; including running all in one machine.  FlowWright users benefit from the platform supporting Virtual machines within VMWare, Microsoft Azure, Amazon or any other VM or cloud platform. 

In physical server environments, processing is limited to the resources on the application server and the database server.  As with any organization, as the business scale up, the processes need to scale up too.  In certain instances, hardware resources such as memory, CPU's, and disk space can be improved; by upgrading to better hardware such as SSD drives for performance users see improved results.   Sometimes no matter how much resources you add to a machine, performance plateaus at some point within the performance curve.  In this case, FlowWright can be configured for distributed processing.

FlowWright Distributed Servers

With a distributed server configuration, add 1 more server or add any # of servers based on your needs.  Next, point all the servers to the same database and then you are done.  Typically, in a distributed environment, you might also want to have clustered SQL Server database as this helps with disaster recovery also.

Given the above distributed configuration, this is also an example of active-active failover configuration.  If one FlowWright server goes down, other server(s) are active to process the workflow needs so nothing gets impacted.  FlowWright engines launch robotic workers to perform the work, but the algorithms behind their launch are designed such way that they don't step over each other when processing workflow requests. 

Depending on the workload being processed, and the automation across multiple systems, FlowWright provides business intelligence tools to measure the processing loads.  Most customers have multiple distributed servers configured just for disaster recovery, downtime today is very costly.  

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