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Defining Workflow Variables in cDevWorkflow

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on May 15, 2012 9:57:26 AM


cDevWorkflow is a Business Process Management (BPM) software product that is programmed using a graphical / visualized programming method.  cDevWorkflow functions similar to other programming languages where variables are defined and used by the program for the storing and manipulating of information in memory.  This is a fairly common trait among BPM products on the market today where users define the workflow variables using different data types.

Another common feature among BPM products is the use of the "Start" step to define these workflow variables.   BPM applications define workflow variables at the start step since this is the only Step / Action that is available on an empty Workflow Definition.

When we developed cDevWorkflow, we also followed this BPM industry default standard and used the start step as the only place you could define a workflow variable.   Looking back on that decision now it seems counterintuitive to create a "Next Generation" BPM workflow engine and then follow the industry default standard.

Not being an organization that is afraid to admit we made a mistake.  We made a mistake by assuming customers must like defining workflow variables in the start step because they all do it that way.

It proved to be the wrong assumption.  Apparently, cutting edge BPM developers find that defining workflow variables within the start step restricting and awkward.  In hind sight we have to agree.  Why would you want to reference back to the start step when your variable is needed someplace else?  Hard to design. Difficult to debug.  Inconvenient for the user and longer for the BPM software to process.

It was the wrong way to define workflow variables.  That is why we changed this approach.  That's right, beginning with cDevWorkflow Version 4.5 our BPM workflow engine lets you define workflow variables from any step.


Define Workflow Variables Define Workflow Variables From Any Step


Every step is able to display the defined workflow variables.  By selecting or clicking on the “Variables” word, users are navigated to the Variable definition page to define workflow variables.

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