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Cost savings in your cloud environment when using workflow automation

Posted by FlowWright on Feb 15, 2019 9:52:00 AM

Workflow automation is being used by many IT organizations to perform back end IT operations and to automate the processes that these IT operations perform.  Most IT processes are procedural, for example, creating user account for a new employee and giving access to systems.  In an offboarding process, deactivating a user and removing access to systems. We discuss in detail how workflow automation will lead to cost savings. 

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There are many IT processes that get automated using workflow.  In cloud environments especially, we are seeing just how robustly customers use automation to save money on their cloud bill.  For example,  one of our customers in the US has an offshore development office in Pune, India and there are many Azure virtual machines that are being used by the offshore development offices. This company has developed virtual machines and even allows QA testing on said virtual machines.  In order to save costs, an automated workflow process shuts these virtual machines down at 11 A M EST and starts them back on at 11 PM EST, that is an automated cost savings for 12 hrs.  Let's crunch some numbers now to see what the real cost savings are:

From the above table you can see just for 1 virtual machine, that costs $1 per/hour gets a savings of $12/day.  For 25 virtual machines, it is a savings of $300 per/12 hr period.  These savings add up quickly, and costs could be shaved by implementing some sort of IT process automation.

This is just one of the  hundreds of examples for IT process automation that comes with cost saving benefits in cloud environments.  Contact us to see how you can save today with your cloud environment by incorporating workflow. 

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