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Continuous Process Improvement in the Digital World

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Nov 23, 2018 8:14:24 AM

Today, as most manual processes get automated using a workflow or business process automation tool, the key to success is to have efficient processes.  As part of the Business Process Management (BPM) lifecycle, a continuous monitoring and process improvement is required.  This is the most effective way you will get the kinks out of your processes and optimize to better perform overall. 


With any process, the more data that you have, the better decisions that you can make on how to improve the process-IF you have an easy way to sort the data. FlowWright provides graphical visibility into the executing workflow process instance.  It becomes very easy to see where redundant steps/action are.  In some cases, based on time taken to process a manual action/task will identify resource bottlenecks.  These are some of the common process improvements companies can make to the business.

Based on the domain that you are in, and the process, there might be domain specific improvements that can be made.  For example, in the HR domain we see that HR approval user is always seemingly a bottleneck due to daily job tasks; we have found its better to group users into a role called "HR Approvers" and route to this entire role so that any user can act on the task vs an individual.  FlowWright has the flexibility for you to route a task to a bunch of users and expect only 1 user to complete the task to ensure the process doesn't get held up on one approval needed. Think of the customer experience that will happen once everything flows on time, or ahead of schedule?

Continuous process improvement is going to continue to be the key in our digital world, and for a successful process transformation. FlowWright is automatically performing continuous improvement and making recommendations on how to improve based data, AI and machine learning.  Process improvement in the digital world is heading into many new dimensions, as these are available our team will build these new technologies and algorithms into the product to make it as turn-key as possible for users. 

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Topics: IOT, digital transformation