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Multi tenancy Workflow Cloud Based Solutions

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Jun 15, 2011 9:22:12 AM



cloud-Multi tenancy Cloud Multi tenancy Workflow Solutions


It is common for most of us today to take advantage of multi tenancy architecture when designing and building applications for the cloud.

The cloud is great resource, filled with seemingly endless hardware platforms for our development and production needs.  And with each hardware platform a set of architectural decisions around how to build your application or software product.

When it comes to cloud based multi tenant workflow design, we have to consider the following key points:

BPM Workflow Multi tenancy Application - Yes or No?

  • If the application is multi tenancy. What tenant keys will you want to store within the Business Process Management (BPM) software?
  • If the application is not multi tenancy.  How do you partition your workflows, such that proper BPM data is serviced to the proper customer and / or functionality?

BPM Workflow Security for Custom Steps.

  • When it comes to custom steps, do the custom steps handle security or is the security handled before getting to the step execution?

BPM Workflow Application Scaling

  • How will you scale this cloud based Multi tenancy workflow solution?  Will your application use many separate BPM workflow servers or many BPM workflow sub-processes?

BPM Workflow Communication

  • How will your BPM solution communicate workflow information to the system users?

These are important considerations when designing cloud based workflow solutions.  Effective cloud based workflow design defines how BPM scaling, security, communications and multi tenancy functionality will be addressed.

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