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Can Workflow Be Simple?

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jan 25, 2019 8:31:00 AM

While workflow can be complex due to the manual process being complex, workflow itself is simple.  Most automated processes tend to route tasks to users making workflow a marriage between Information technology (IT) and business analysts (BA).   Business analysts knows what the manual processes is, but they need technology to help implement and execute.  That’s where a workflow automation solution, like FlowWright, comes into play.

In most cases workflow is challenging because the tool that users are working in dictates how the process should be designed and executed. The alternate to offer more flexibility is to find a solution that gives you control of what and how you automate. 

Most task routing processes can be easily designed with just a few clicks within the workflow designer.  Some of the more complex processes will require some level of custom development.  Once you automate a few processes, process automation becomes very simple.  In most cases the automated process tends to be very similar to the manual process. Overtime simple processes can become more complex, as the process starts to expand and starts to perform more operations, but the starting point is solid so there is no worry around adding complexity.

Our team has found that some business analysts are great in generating requirements, but they do not have the proper experience for process automation.  For the experienced business analyst it’s a short learning experience to understand process automation and begin to apply it to day to day work.

In order to make process automation easy, you must do the following:

  • Understand the manual process from start to end
  • Understand the process owners and actors
  • Understand what's user interactive and what's not

Business analysts' tend to jump in head first into process automation, but find out very quickly that processes behave differently from application to application.  Automated processes are lifeblood of your organization, so don't forget as a process executes, its collects a lot of data, use that data to measure your process, improve, and grow. 

FlowWright is very easy to install and configure.  After a few clicks, the software is up and running on any machine.  To learn more about how to automate your processes CLICK HERE. 

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