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Challenges With BPM Workflow Projects

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on May 25, 2011 3:57:30 AM



Challenges Implementing BPM Workflow Projects Challenges Implementing BPM Workflow Projects


To successfully implement BPM workflow projects or BPA (Business Process Automation) within our organizations today, we need to have a through knowledge of these two key components:

  • We need a complete understanding of the manual process at a functional level.
  • We must use technology to automate as much of the process as possible.

When it comes to understanding the manual process, it is very important to have domain expertise or to have access to domain experts.  Some processes are very simple, but majority of them are mid level to complex processes.  Understanding how a single piece of paper flows through the entire process is the key to understanding the process.

Domain expertise also plays a key role when optimizing an automated process.  Since a manual process does not have to be implemented in the same exact way when it is automated, it can be optimized and built differently when automated.  As you design workflow definitions, specially graphically, you tend to see things that you did not see before.  Some of those items could be, redundant steps or approvals, or business processes that can be changed to optimize.

Considerations for BPM Workflow Projects

When it comes to automating the process, there are several factors that must be considered, and they are:

  • BPM technology
  • Project requirements
  • Time to implement
  • Project budget versus costs
  • Personnel skills

These are all factors that can effect your BPM workflow project.  There are many BPM technologies out there, you want to go with a technology partner who offers the following:

Attributes for your BPM Workflow Projects Technology Partner

  • easy to implement or integrate
  • can build on top of what you have already built
  • has enough support materials and resources
  • well defined BPM workflow projects structure

By combining the functional and the technology aspects of a automation process, you can definitely make your BPM workflow projects successful.

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