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BPM Workflow File Management

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Feb 23, 2014 2:13:50 PM



BPM Workflow File Management BPM Workflow File Management


Workflow file management processes the workflow inputs that create the BPM engine with instructions for the creating, deleting even moving of files or folders within the organizations database.  Business Process Management (BPM) is a real-time, constantly evolving effort within our organizations.  Consequently, the BPM workflow processes that seek to automate and control these business activities must also be capable of performing at this level.  The key function or operation for any workflow process is its ability to track workflow status and the associated information from start to finish.


BPM Workflow File Management File System Steps BPM Workflow File Management File System Steps


Tracking and controlling the information contained within a specific workflow instance requires access to the organizations documentation at file system level.  However, with that system access the project team can design, test and implement a powerful BPM solution complete with Workflow File Management.  With BPM Workflow File Management in place, workflow inputs can provide the BPM engine with instructions for the creating, deleting even moving of files or folders within the organizations database.

Moving files from one departments dedicated function related server (Sales, Purchasing, Engineering, Quality, Shipping) to a shared server for archiving purposes is a very common operation.  Within medium and large scale operations, the quantity of transactions and / or the number of workflow documents involved point to the difficulties associated with BPM Workflow File Management.  This is a perfect example of how deploying a BPM tool like cDevWorkflow will increase process efficiencies by automating these Workflow File Management operations.

cDevWorkflow design tool enables this type of BPM Workflow File Management function.  With just a couple of design tool steps, cDevWorkflow's BPM engine is configured for the customers Workflow File Management, including Folder management operations.

cDevWorkflow's BPM Workflow File Management functionality is not limited to a single network.  Several clients use cDevWorkflow to perform FTP based file operations across directories or even separate companies.   As cross-functional teams grow to multi-national project teams the need to track documents through an entire approval process is critical.  An equally important component of these complicated workflows is controlling document flow from revision to revision so that at the end of the process, the file is moved into another networked server or directory for turn-over documentation.

The need to control and minimize the documentation gap between as-designed, as-built and as-left is supported through the use of BPM Workflow File Management.  Using these automated tool to track a workflow process and graphically communicate the current status of a specific instance is one thing.  What the organization really needs is the combination of the graphically communication and the associated Workflow File Management where when a status changes for a file, the file is moved from one folder to another.


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