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Simplifying BPM Workflow Diagnostics

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Nov 1, 2012 9:07:06 AM



BPM Workflow Diagnostic BPM Workflow Diagnostic


With the complexities of compiled code there is an inherent difficulty in reproducing a problem.  Using the .Net code stack we are able to trace back thru the code to identify the failure point.  When performing BPM workflow diagnostics, locating the source of the problem is only part of the problem.  To effectively trouble shoot the process we need to determine which elements of the code processed correctly and which components did not.

With workflow process execution there are always two information paths to be concerned with.  There is a control flow and the data flow.  Control flow determines and executes the application from start to finish using a specific, "controlled" path.  While the data flow information manages the changes to workflow data through the execution path.  Both are very important in any process.

A less technical way to describe these two workflow components would be that the control path instructions tell the workflow where to go and how to get there. While the data flow instructs the workflow what to do when it gets there and then remembers what was done at each step.

Either way you look at it, performing BPM workflow diagnostic within a complied code environment is complex and time consuming.

That is unless you were to perform BPM workflow diagnostic using cDevWorkflow that is.  In BPM Workflow Diagnostic Best Choiceaddition to providing a paradigm shifting BPM programming environment, cDevWorkflow BPM engine processes workflow definitions that map out a given process graphically.  With this tool in place workflow diagnostics is a simple two (2) mouse clicks to execute that troublesome process.  Two (2) mouse clicks and cDevWorkflow has rendered the workflow process and you are watching its execution, step by step, being displayed graphically.  No levels of complied code to trace you way through with cDevWorkflow.  Here you watch a highlighted ball pass through your workflow process making it very easy to locate the cause of the processing fault.

A clear execution path is graphically rendered based on the decisions and data evaluated while processing through the execution path.  The graphical view also lets users view bottlenecks within the process that cannot be located without some serious debugging of code.

Many times developers try to reproduce a problem that occurs in a production environment through a development environment or a QA environment with either inconclusive or even no results.  With cDevWorkflow you no longer have to imagine you were able to graphically view the execution decisions and data changes as they occurred.  Now you can.

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