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Powering BPM Workflow Business Intelligence

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Jan 6, 2013 3:49:34 AM



BPM Workflow Business Intelligence BPM Workflow Business Intelligence


BPM workflow business intelligence is putting process information to work.  Over the years we have been witness to the growing use of statistics within Business Process Management (BPM) applications specifically designed to optimize workflow processes automatically.

The best BPM engines perform their function and the customer forgets that the application is even running.  I think you will agree with that scenario, while a blow to our software engineering ego, is better than the alternative.

cDevWorkflow's BPM workflow business intelligence

The objective then for cDevWorkflow's BPM engine is to perform its function flawlessly, processing workflow information in the background.  But when the organization has a need for BPM workflow business intelligence cDevWorkflow responds to that need with BPM business intelligence that is:

  1. Efficiently gathered, using the fewest amount of employee or network resources as possible.
  2. Delivered in a timely manner, tailored to the users needs so that operational decisions are made in time to be effective.
  3. Accurate workflow transaction data is critical to the organization.  There is knowledge to be gained even in the understanding incomplete or failed transactions.

On the list of reasons of what motivates a company to invest in business automation, being able to collect and use data collected from business processes in real-time is always one of the major reasons.   So why does a company need immediate access to real-time data concerning a process that by its very design will not be completed for hours, days, weeks or longer?

The answer to us, is that the customer intends to use the BPM workflow business intelligence to improve or optimize their workflow processes to improve operational efficiencies.  Or - to make more money with less transnational effort.

When creating cDevWorkflow, we included the functions required for the software to accomplish this same objective.  cDevWorkflow enables the BPM process to evolve by utilizing historical performance data and historical process transaction data to optimize BPM engine performance in real-time.

In the world of Business Process Management software solutions the quote, "Time is Money" translates to our key deliverable.  cDevWorkflow delivers BPM business intelligence and creates more throughput with less effort in the process, all while running flawlessly in the background of your applications.

Optimize BPM workflow performance

Powering the collection and use of BPM workflow business intelligence through process automation continues to be an expanding application field.  These workflow automation processes are based upon and organizations business rules and processes.  When optimizing workflow processes we use BPM business intelligence through the use of statics or even simple throughput comparisons.  Here is a small collection of examples where cDevWorkflow seeks to optimize BPM workflow performance:

  • Routing based on efficiency. Example of a support ticket application, routing the ticket for processing to the agent who’s available
  • Routing tickets based on experience. Example who has processed the most tickets for a given ticket type
  • Based on the number of workflow transactions completed, distribute the remaining or next instance evenly among employees
  • Load balancing based upon workflow instance backlog by routing new tasks to other users
  • Selecting routing information based on programmed variables and real-time BPM workflow business intelligence data
  • Suggesting to authorized subject matter Users, possible routing information based on programmed variables and real-time BPM business intelligence

As this short list illustrates, there are many workflow process decisions that can be automated using BPM workflow business intelligence data.  By analyzing the shortest or common paths of a workflow BPM workflow business intelligence data can provide valuable process information.  This information can then be extracted and utilized if that or any other associated workflow to control the process flow.  Majority of process flows are decision-expression based.  Using real-time or non-real-time statistics, the process flow can be dynamically adjusted for each executing instance.

Contact us to discuss how the cDevWorkflow engine with its built in, real-time statics can optimize your application too.

A small sampling of the Workflow Technology for BPM Solutions contained within our cDevWorkflow product offering can be found here: Workflow Technology That Works.

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