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BPM Parallel Processing Improves Workflow Optimization

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Mar 22, 2012 1:21:06 PM

BPM Parallel Processing BPM Parallel Process Influences Workflow Optimization

cDevWorkflow's .Net 4.0+ BPM Parallel Processing Does The Heavy Lifting

Parallel processing workflow is the easiest way to improve workflow throughput and influence workflow optimization efforts.  cDevWorkflow's BPM engine is able to achieve these high performance levels by using the Microsoft .Net 4.0 framework and parallel processing programming concepts.  This use of technology enables the organization to increase the amount of data being processed without having to re-engineer the workflow designs themselves.

Microsoft .Net 4.0 framework has some great parallel processing programming capabilities.  We have implemented a number of these programming advantages into our cDevWorkflow product in creating this high performance workflow engine.  Due to the complexities associated with when using parallel processing programming we extended our testing and simulation efforts prior to version release.  Here is an example of the code to illustrate how we use parallel programming to create and execute a large number of Workflow instances.

In the example below the code fragment receives a handle to a Workflow definition and then first - creates one thousand workflow instances and then executes them.  With the multi core machine it is possible to observe both processing cores executing this code fragment.

BPM Parallel processing BPM Parallel Processing

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