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BPM Life Cycle and Workflow Software

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Jun 26, 2011 9:43:07 AM



BPM Life Cycle
Workflow Software is at the Core of the BPM Life Cycle


The Business Process Management Life Cycle includes the following:

  1. Design
  2. Model
  3. Execute
  4. Monitor
  5. Optimize

These are the five components of the Business Process Management Life Cycle, each of these can be easily accomplished using cDevWorkflow.

The BPM Life Cycle - Design phase

The Business Process Management Life Cycle begins with the Design phase of any BPM project. This involves a Business analyst or a team of people currently involved with the process detailing how the process work today.  In most cases this detail will describe a manual process and the stated goal will be to automate the process.

The BPM Life Cycle - Modeling phase

Model is the next life cycle phase and involves the BPM Project team working with technical resources from companies currently providing the needed automation processes. This component of the Business Process Management Life Cycle project, Modeling, can be accomplished in many different ways. My suggestion is that you break the model into smaller functional blocks using the Design workflow flow the team defined in Step One.

Having these blocks of process functions will help everyone involved in the project visualize information workflow as the process continues.   When team members can visualize the workflow while it is executing everyone accelerates along the learning curve arriving at ways to optimize that process faster.

Below is a model of a typical order entry workflow process.  We know that these are the steps that need to be accomplished - and we also know that there are various exceptions, work arounds, and activities within these steps.  The accounting approval step alone has several activities within it.

The point is that if you can Design a BPM process workflow, creating the Model using the process designer within cDevWorkflow is just as easy.   If this workflow picture were our workflow model, a simple click of the mouse would bring up the design templates to set the required performance functionality.

Knowing that every customers needs are different, we created cDevWorkflow with the ability to create custom workflow functionality.   In the event you need to create custom workflow step, our process designer tool can accomplish that task too.  Every tool and feature follows the same intuitive "drag and drop" functionality.


BPM Life Cycle BPM Life Cycle - Order Entry Process


A Model is also represented as a Workflow Definition within cDevWorkflow.  This allows you to use a particular model, or a section of that model, in another workflow project without having to re-create it.

The Business Process Management Life Cycle - Execution phase

At the Execute phase, we begin by calling up from the library our saves workflow Model that we saved as a Workflow Definition.   Now that we are ready to run the Model we use the workflow definition to create a Workflow Instance and execute the instance to perform that automated process.  Using a single Workflow Definition, many Workflow Instances can be instantiated.

The Business Process Management Life Cycle - Monitoring phase

Once Workflow Instances are executed, they can be Monitored using the graphical view of the Workflow Instance.  Also you can use the execution view to see a serialized view of the execution. When looking at Graphical views, in most cases its apparent where a process can be Optimized.

The Business Process Management Life Cycle - Optimization phase

Optimization is a key step and an iterative step when it comes to Business Process Management Life Cycle. There are many data points that can be used for optimizing a process, for example you might want to consider using KPIs, business intelligence, execution views or statistics.

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