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Mark Thompson

Recent Posts

Distributed File Synchronization in FlowWright

In distributed processing environments where multiple FlowWright servers automate and integrate processes and systems, files must be synchronized across multiple servers.  FlowWright's Distributed File Synchronization feature accomplishes this.   In a typical customer scenario, where multiple servers are being used the challenge is to ensure all processes have access to real time file and data info, regardless of which server created or houses the information.

v9.7 Self Updating and Optimizing Software Engines

At FlowWright’s heart is its workflow engine.  Over the years, we have added more dedicated engines that power important functionality.  Most recently, v9.7 includes a new service/engine to perform distributed file synchronization in distributed environments.  Now, FlowWright also ensures that engine configuration changes are picked up and acted upon without impacting execution and performance.  

v9.7 Using the New Place Holder Step In Workflows

A “Place Holder” step is just a pass-through step for organizing in the case of some workflow designs, and especially important to use in some circumstances where a synchronize step is used.  Here is a good example of where a placeholder step is needed in a workflow routing a task whose results lead to a synchronized step: