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Recent Posts

Digital processes that can think

There are many ways to make digital processes make decisions.  Rules are used in almost any workflow process today to determine what path of steps and decisions within a process should be followed. 

Workflow without limitations!

FlowWright was built with two mandates: 1) "keep it intuitive" and 2) "do it your way".  Most BPM/Workflow products require users to implement everything within their platform ecosystem.  Users often learn the hard way that this restrictive approach makes it difficult to accomplish your goals successfully or efficiently.  This blog explains why workflow without limitations is the best approach. 

Workflows that continue processing based on incoming messages; what you need to know

A workflow can publish events an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB.)  And a workflow instance may also wait for certain event or message to arrive: once the message arrives, the workflow process will proceed. 

FlowWright v9.6 - ErrorWait state for workflow instances now available

Workflow instance status has been available and accessible since FlowWright  was first developed several years ago,  but FlowWright now introduces a new,  strategic enhancement: the ErrorWait state! Welcome to v9.6 of FlowWright BPM.

v9.6 - User interface upgrades to FlowWright

The FlowWright team spent a year studying, analyzing, and listening to customer feedback before settling on the new UI design, including critical technology updates.  

FlowWright v9.6 sending emails using Twilio SendGrid service

Sendgrid is a Twilio product used to send emails in volume.  FlowWright v9.6 introduces a new email workflow step for sending emails using the SendGrid service.

Implementing data types using the IDataType2 interface

FlowWright customers can expand FlowWright’s capabilities as needed!  While FlowWright out-of-the-box includes many system data types you can also build your own data types.

What's a data type? Data type is what gets rendered as a control for an input of a step.

FlowWright v9.6 - Task delegation To Improve Team Communication

Tasks are the most important step in any user-interactive workflow where tasks are routed to users for approval.  Tasks have existed in FlowWright from Day #1 and task functionality has been enhanced with each release. V9.6 includes more task functionality upgrades.

FlowWright v9.6 - Enhanced audit reports

Previous versions of FlowWright provided basic audit information for a given workflow definition or instance and now v9.6 of FlowWright enhances these reports in 2 important ways: 1) they are now template driven and 2) they can now include much richer content.  

Here's what an audit report looks like within v9.6 for a workflow definition:

Issues To Avoid When Implementing Microservices

Microservices can involve implementation  pros and cons.  Microservices are becoming popular within organizations because there are several important advantages to implementing microservices.  Principally, according to this article, there are 2 primary drivers for implementing microservices: