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Our goal is to help you run your business and solutions the way you want them to run - reliably, efficiently, and in control. We aim to improve the quality of your life and your business. We see your success as our success.
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Passing Complex Objects to a Workflow Instance

By now you understand that you can pass initial variable/global values to any workflow instance at the start of its execution.  These passed in values will be used to initialize the values of the variables and globals defined in your workflow design. 

FlowWright supports the standard data types for variables and globals, which are:

2 Reasons Microsoft Stack Users Choose FlowWright over Open-Source Java Workflow

Workflow users whose applications make use principally of the Microsoft technology stack often consider open source Java workflow products at the same time they consider .NET-based FlowWright. There are 2 main reasons that most Microsoft users end up choosing FlowWright over free open source Java products.

Year End Message from FlowWright CTO: Product roadmap overview

Another year has come and gone and we couldn't have been more proud of the work our team produced. FlowWright BPM is being used by companies all over the globe. Our CTO, Dileepa Wijayanayake, shares what the new year will have in store for development on our product road map. Click the video below and watch. 

Important Parallels Between Effective Game Tactics & Project Management

Sports are often touted as building character and developing the ability for individuals to work more effectively in teams.  Intuitively, this makes sense, but beyond competitiveness and socialization, it can be hard to identify precise parallels between sports and business.  But, after 30 years of coaching while working through FIFA national level classes, I think there are some important parallels between effective game tactics and strategy, and effective project management using FlowWright PM software.

FlowWright low level API model

FlowWright has 2 APIs, high level and low level, as you know the high level API gives you access to everything withing FlowWright.  cDevDEAPI is the high level API.

The Power of Triggers

Flowwright includes intuitive  tools to  help you manage triggers for workflow automation processes. 

Extending FlowWright - make it work the way you want

FlowWright is designed to be extended and expanded and many of our users push the product into new areas (which we love to see!)  To highlight all the ways FlowWright can be extended we summarize them below. 

How to use NuGet FlowWright package

If you never heard of this product before you ma want to familiarize yourself with, NuGet.org as it is becoming very popular. Many developers use this website to include API packages to their software projects.  Why should teams use NuGet?  Typically when you want to use an API, you have to know what libraries/DLLs to reference; with NuGet all you have to do is to find the package and click install, then the NuGet package manager automatically downloads the selected package and its dependencies and simply adds them to your project.

Performance monitoring FlowWright engines

Performance monitoring is built into FlowWright workflow.  FlowWright uses performance instrumentation built into the Windows Operating system and leverages the performance monitoring and counters that are also provided by Microsoft Windows.

Things to consider when implementing Microservices

More organizations are adopting Microservices to run their business.  Like any kind of implementation, Microservices should be implemented properly in order to be effective and reliable.