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Adaptive Workflow Processing

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Nov 13, 2013 5:08:58 AM



Adaptive Workflow Processing Challenge Your Limits With Adaptive Workflow Processing


Adaptive workflow processing is a reality for processes that have been automated.  Adaptive workflow processing, like the organization, grow or transform with changes every year.

BPM is a cyclic process where you automate, execute, monitor, adjust and back to execute.  Most processes start with the basics but then as more and more runtime execution data is collected, decisions are made to optimize the process further.  Based on the domain and the processes, the following can be applied to the process:

  • Remove orphan steps – remove steps that don’t get executed at all
  • Distribute the load on steps that take long to execute, so Joe in Finance gets 100 tasks to approve a day, and 100 tasks are too much for Joe to handle, some can be also routed to Jill in Finance for approvals
  • Remove redundant steps – these are steps that were designed into the process, but with requirement and process changes are no longer required

As manual processes change over time due to organization rules or regulations, the automated processes also change.  Sometime keeping up with these changes are very difficult, this is where cDevWorkflow can help.   With the help of the cDevWorkflow’s graphical adaptive workflow designer, with drag and drop and a click, the process can be changed.

Today’s systems rely heavily on processes.  In order to grow or transform a process, you must understand what the process does.  You must always ask the question “What happen in the process?” in order to come up with a solution.  With the graphical execution view of a Workflow Instance in cDevWorkflow, the question can be easily answered.  Plus, with the Business Intelligence that cDevWorkflow provides, it makes it even easier to answer the question “What happen in the process?”

cDevWorkflow being a next generation bpm product has many things that other bpm product cannot perform. cDevWorkflow already has smart features such as workflow instance pre-processing and optimization at the engine level.  These are built in features that continually look to optimize what the user has designed for a workflow.  Over time, the cDevWorkflow product uses this adaptive workflow technology to transform with the user.

How about that for innovation?  A tool that works with you to improve, optimize, grow or transform the automated process.  An adaptive workflow that transforms with the users.

A small sampling of the Workflow Technology for BPM Solutions contained within our cDevWorkflow product offering can be found here: Workflow Technology That Works.

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Adaptive workflow processing Adaptive workflow processing Adaptive workflow processing

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