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Why Companies Should Invest 90% into Planning and 10% into Building

Posted by FlowWright on Aug 4, 2019 4:11:00 PM

In most cases its other way around, 10% thinking and 90% building.  This happens in many organizations as well as within teams or individuals.  There is an old saying that suggests to "measure twice before making the cut". We share why this is important. 

When it comes to designing processes for workflow automation, collect your thoughts first, and then markup the process using some sort of tool like Microsoft Visio.  By doing it this way, you can markup any process using FlowWright and use the steps as place holders.  The bonus with a tool like FlowWright is what you design is what gets executed.  This helps save teams man hours for duplicating planning and executing work. 

We believe in this process so much so that we use this concept to benefit our brand every day.  For example, when we built Micro-services for next version of FlowWright v9.6 (launching in September), it took us almost year to figure out the best solution for our customers, yet took only about 1 month to build it.  With 9 months of planning we came up with the best solution/design for Micro-services and we were able to implement it in only 1 month for our users. 

Especially when solving problems, this concept comes in very handy, come up with solutions in your head first and then spend less time building.

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