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5 Reasons CEOs Need BPM/Workflow Software For Their Company

Posted by Harold Engstrom on Jul 25, 2017 10:43:00 AM

CEOs are charged with growing businesses while keep existing internal and external relationships intact in the face of external competition, and changing business and regulatory environments.  BPM/Workflow is something CEOs need to embrace because it will help address their biggest needs.  Here are 5 needs CEOs have identified recently as their biggest concerns, and how BPM/Workflow fits in: 

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1. Keep Customer and Employee Relationships Strong

According to the Harvard Business Review's "3 Things CEOs Worry About Most" and Mike Kuta's "Think Like a CEO," CEOs know customers and employees are the foundation of any company - and CEOs are concerned about ensuring those keystones are secure so that their businesses can grow sustainably.  Automating business processes with BPM/Workflow ensures that customers and employees are treated consistently to high quality and continuously improving experiences.

2. Manage Regulatory Risks and Changes

According to PwC's 19th Annual Global CEO Survey, managing regulatory risks and change is a top concern of CEOs.  Automating management of regulatory practices with BPM/Workflow ensures adherence and also provides audit-proof verification of compliance.  And, just as importantly, laying the foundation for managing change.

3. Beat the Competition

KPMG's Global CEO Outlook Survey says that CEOs are especially concerned with competition.  BPM/Workflow results in greater efficiency, higher quality, and better and more reliable customer experiences - making YOUR company the most competitive and leaving competitors the wall of competitive worry to climb.

4. Take on Risk while Minimizing Risk

In the same KPMG survey, CEOs said they want their companies to take on more risk because they believe that leads to vital growth.  Companies that use BPM/Workflow reduce risk through automation: mitigating complexity, increasing quality and repeatability, and ensuring lessons learned are incorporated in processes.  And CEOs know that using BPM/Workflow gives visibility into progress and status to management at all levels.

5. Continuously Improve

According to PwC's survey, innovation is a core concern of CEOs: how can their companies continuously improve and remain valuable and relevant.  Using BPM/Workflow, CEOs can automate processes and continuously improve.  BPM/Workflow results in a culture of innovation.  CEOs and their teams can automate and improve across their businesses while monitoring progress and status - and using metrics to drive innovation!

Do you want to explore how BPM/Workflow can address your top priorities for your business?  Let's set up a time to explore what you need together.

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