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Automate Your Sales Process 

Is your sales team using Salesforce for a CRM? If so, your company is a perfect fit for our sales enablement add-on! 

In just 3 steps, easily authorize your Salesforce instance with our platform and start standardizing  sales process efforts for your team immediately. Why use this extension with your CRM? 

  • Ensure information and data is entered in your CRM consistently and accurately
  • Increase visibility and accuracy of your sales pipeline (reporting based on buyer actions vs. seller opinion)
  • Make your SalesForce yield far more return
  • Now managers have time and insight to coach reps to close deals
  • Make your revenue projections science-based
  • Keep sales teams productive and happy
Register Your Salesforce  CRM Team Today GET STARTED 
Ready to get started? Complete the form and one of our sales process automation experts will be in touch shortly to help you get started automating your sales process in 3 easy steps!

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Example Sales Process: Customer Centric Selling
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Want to learn more? Watch our WEBINAR on automating the sales process. 
The fine print: -
*Must have an instance of CRM Salesforce Group or higher (or HubSpot CRM, PipeDrive CRM)
*Must have at least 5 reps in your sales organization
*Must commit to minimum of 12 months at $50/mo per user) 


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