Automate Your Sales Process 

Is your sales team using for a CRM? If so, your company is a perfect fit for our sales enablement software add-on! 

In just 3 steps, easily authorize your Salesforce instance with our platform and start standardizing  sales process efforts for your team immediately. Why use this extension with your CRM? 

  • Standardize the way sales reps enter information to ensure data quality, and keep information  reliable

  • Increase visibility into sales pipeline (reporting now based on buyer actions vs. seller opinion)

  • Maximize your investment in Salesforce
  • Free up sales managements time to provide opportunities for coaching to close 
  • Keep sales teams productive and happy

Ready to get started? Simply complete the form and one of our sales process software experts will be in touch to confirm set-up. 

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The fine print: -
*Must have an instance of CRM Salesforce Group or higher
*Must have at least 5 reps in your sales organization
*Must commit to minimum of 6 months for access to special rate of $39/per sales rep per month (Typically $50/mo per user) 


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