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FlowWright Application Programming Interface - API

FlowWright provides a high performance .Net API and a REST API.  If you are in the Microsoft technology stack/platform, its recommended that you use the high performance .Net API.  FlowWright can be easily accessed from any other platform using the REST API.

FlowWright .NET API FlowWright REST API

FlowWright API gives you access to the following components - Micro services within FlowWright:

FlowWright Component architecture

The high performance API is structured based on Design and Run-time objects, below is the hierarchical structure of the .NET API.

FlowWright NET high level API

FlowWright .NET API is fully documented, you can find the documentation HERE.  The REST API is also fully documented and its available HERE.  REST API can be also fully tested right from our website.  FlowWright also provides the following guides with the software:

As you can see there are many resources to get you going, if you are stuck, we are just a click away, post your questions on our support forum.  All the above guides are available right within the FlowWright application, check out the HELP section.  We are here to help you, and to make you successful.

On top of these APIs, we also have a modeling API.  Let's say you want to build a workflow process programmatically, or walk the structure of the workflow process,   It's called "UIModel" API, and here's the structure of it:

FlowWright low level model API

FlowWright's modeling API gives you access to steps, connection, business objects and also their configuration, using a simple to use API.  As you can see we have exposed everything within FlowWright for you to access.

In FlowWright v9.8, the  API namespace has been changed from cDevWorkflow to FlowWright.  Make necessary changes to any custom built components such as Workflow steps, data types, event handlers to adapt to this change.

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