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The FlowWright PM Story

FlowWright PM: Our Story

Using workflow to do project management has been a gleam in our eye since 2006 when we prototyped a workflow-based solution to standardize project execution to help a major corporation manage their portfolio.  Alas, that company was eaten by a yet larger global company and the dream was put on hold. Happily, after FlowWright was developed and made generally available, the world’s largest automobile OEM parts manufacturer called us to ask if they could use our software to manage their enterprise software cutover projects.  So…we collaborated on requirements and emerged with the essence of FlowWright PM.

Fast forward 2 years, and FlowWright PM has been transformed into a project management application that not only closes the critical gap between planning and execution, but provides project members and managers with the real time tasks and reporting necessary to more efficiently and effectively plan and execute projects.  

Our background is in executing complex automation, construction, shutdown. and software projects.  FlowWright PM addresses critical holes that have existed with managing complex, and fast-paced projects where the underlying business (and its customers) can be critically impacted by project schedules and budgets.

We love projects and are dedicated to helping companies and people to achieve better outcomes through best practices.

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