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30-Day Trial Start Guide

By now either you have downloaded and installed the Trial version of FlowWright or have access to the online trial version of FlowWright.  If you have any issues, we are here for you, just email us at: support@FlowWright.com

If you need to download again, then just click the button below...


These instruction apply to both, the downloaded and online version of FlowWright, online trial will not give you access to view or modify FlowWright's configuration menu options.  Downloaded and installed version will give you full access to everything.

Let's get the Trial started.....

FlowWright is devided into 2 parts: Workflow Management and Workflow Configuration, they are also separated by a green line on the menu.  If you login as an "Administrative" user, you can access all, a regular user can only view "Workflow Management" and only have access to their items.

Workflow management and configuration

Left menu is Workflow Management, right menu is Workflow Configuration. Workflow configuration lets you manage all the building blocks of the product including configuration settings, Workflow Management lets you use these building block to build workflows, forms and events.

How to get help within the application, just click the last menu item "Help" within FlowWright.

  1. Let's familiarize our self with the FlowWright Configuration manager, you can read the documentation HERE.
  2. Let's start with building some workflow definitions and start executing them as instances, click HERE
  3. Let's build some forms using the forms desinger.
  4. Let's test out Business Intelligence.

Let's look at the Configuration side of things:

  1. How to build and configure workflow steps, click HERE.
  2. How to build and configure Business Objects, click HERE.
  3. How to build and configure Form Widgets, click HERE.

Let's get dangerous with the API, FlowWright provides 2 APIs, a full .Net API and a REST API for other platforms:

  1. Let's get started with the .NET API, click HERE.
  2. Click HERE for the .NET API reference.
  3. Click HERE for the REST API reference.
  4. Click HERE for the Code Snippet forum.
  5. Click HERE for the Support Form.

If you are stuck at anytime or need help implementing a proof of concept, contact us, were are here to help: support@FlowWright.com

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